‘By the way you guys are really good at what you do – It’s evident that Rachel’s confidence is growing. Really appreciate First Steps Dance.’

Grade Three Parent

‘Also I wanted to say how thrilled I am that Isabel is continuing her ballet – it is in part due to the lovely relationships she has with you and the girls. Thank you so much.’

Grade Six Parent

‘I’m feeling really good and looking forward to coming back to ballet once we’re all settled at home.’

Adult student after having twins

‘I have learnt so much from your lessons and thoroughly enjoyed them.’

Vocational student

‘Also I had some fantastic feedback about your organisation in our recent staff meeting; the staff who worked on the day were very impressed with the respect and politeness shown by your whole company – not something I hear every day. Hooray!’.

Manager of Jacksons Lane Theatre

‘Ruby has loved your classes and blossomed in your care.’

Vocational Parent

‘She loves ballet and it will always be part of her.’

Grade 8 Parent

‘You have given me so much guidance allowing me to progress so much as a dancer.’

Grade 8 Student

Thanks again – and also for your efficient responses! Of the ballet schools I contacted, you were the only consistent communicator. Thank you. I’m pleased we found a class that works for Ella so she can keep dancing.

New Grade Two Parent

What a great session! I have not done ballet since I had a couple of disastrous classes aged 6, but watching your class was inspiring and – for a fleeting moment – even made me think I could consider joining!

Chair of Hornsey Vale Community Centre