“Don’t forget to let me know if anything changes regarding your ballet school locations as we loved you most of all.”

Grade One Parent

“She’s still mad about ballet. I was really impressed with the Intermediate Foundation class.”

Intermediate Foundation Parent

“I’m feeling really good and looking forward to coming back to ballet once we’re all settled at home.”

Adult student after having twins

I just wanted to say it was a beautiful show yesterday you have worked so hard so just wanted to say a big thank you for all your efforts.

Adult student

‘Also I had some fantastic feedback about your organisation in our recent staff meeting; the staff who worked on the day were very impressed with the respect and politeness shown by your whole company – not something I hear every day. Hooray!’.

Manager of Jacksons Lane Theatre

I just wanted to let you know that the show this afternoon was a pleasure to watch, professional and wonderful to showcase the talent of the pupils.

Grade Two Parent

“I have found it very difficult to get Rebecca to her Ballet Lessons but seeing such a wonderful show, shows me that is has all been worth it”.

Grade 3 Parent